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I was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, though I grew up in the skirts of Sao Paulo in a town named Americana, as a child I trained 10 years of Capoeira,
the famous Afro-Brazilian martial art that combines elements of dance, acrobatics movements, and music, with a group well known around the globe
(abada capoeira).

Always looking for new challenges, I decided to move to Italy where I started teaching capoeira, but I had always dreamed of living in London so after 3 and half years in Italy I decided to pursue the dream and I came to London, When I first arrived in the United Kingdom I continued to train capoeira and due to experience I had on the sport, I started receiving invitations to perform capoeira in clubs and big events in London.

Image by Lili Popper
Samuel national Brazilian Jiu Jitsu BJJ british champion, Renato Tarullo

In 2008 I started teaching capoeira at the London fight factory where also my Brazilian Jiu-jitsu journey started under Rodrigo Cabral and Eduardo Azevedo.

Besides my love for Capoeira and teaching, I had another goal in mind, start working in the fitness industry. So, after years of dedication, I earned the certificate of a personal trainer and realized one of my dreams.

I was splitting my time between work and teaching Capoeira, and training Jiu-jitsu it was then I realized that my love and passion for Jiu jitsu was taking over and i decided to take  

Jiu-jitsu further and stopped capoeira,
I eventually moved to Roger Gracie Academy, in 2009 under César Lima, and Roger Gracie, where I trained from white belt to black belt also competed winning national and international championships, and as a black belt, I started my teaching career at gym box. 


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