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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 

Classes & Times

Noak Hill Golf Course 
187 Noak Hill  Road
Billericay, CM12 9U




4pm - Kids 8+ Gi Advanced

5pm - Kids 8+ NoGi Mixed

6pm - Ladies only class - All levels and fitness welcome 

7pm - Adults Gi Beginners  

8pm - Adults NoGi Beginners 



4pm - Kids 4+ Gi Beginners

5pm - Kids 6+ NoGi Mixed

12:30pm - Adult Gi Mixed


6:15pm - Adults Gi Mixed

7.30pm - Adults NoGi Mixed - 90min


6:30am - Adults NoGi Mixed


4pm - Kids 6+ Gi Mixed

5pm - Kids 8+ Gi Mixed

6:00pm - Teen NoGi

7:00pm - Adults NoGi Mixed - 90min


9am - Kids 5+ Gi Mixed

10am - Kids 8+ Gi Mixed 


11am - Adults NoGi Mixed - 90min

12:30pm - Adults Gi Fundamentals - 90min


9:30am - Adults Gi - Fundamentals - 90min

11am - Open Mat - Everyone welcome 


RT-BJJ a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu new martial arts academy now open in Essex.

Exciting news!

A new timetable coming out soon with more classes in September 

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